Text by Dimitra Papageorgiou 

‘’ The art of Self – Portrait‘’

Water is  part of our existence and is the most basic but also the most essential component of life. On the occasion of the importance of water, the participants of the seminar “Water & Self” photographed this connection to unique works. Direction, symbolism, associations, space, objects, memories, and the body itself were key elements of this photographic journey, with water playing the leading role. The release of imagination, the ability to observe through the senses and the realization of a concept from scratch attempt to share with us, 8 “participants”, through 23 (self) portraits.

Participants: Katerina Giannaki, Markella Karagianni, Achilleia Mavroyianni, Zoi Melliou, Katerina Svoronou, Myrsini Spegi, Nikos Spegis, Katerina Chatzidimitriou

Teaching: Dimitra Papageorgiou